Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Cup Runneth Over...

I am feeling extra proud of my little guy tonight. 

As the kids and I were walking through Walmart this evening, I was beaming with pride as my little boy waved and said hello to every single person who walked by (while skipping, mind you). :) Some said hello back, and some just looked at him and kept walking. He has come so far. 

One of my very favorite things he says lately when he's hungry or sees a restaurant he likes..."Hey mom! You wanna go to lunch?!" Makes me smile from ear to ear every single time. 

He looks out for his little brother. Whenever Jude is sad about something, Jax will give him a hug or a pat on the head and say, "Awww, are you okay?!" Melts my heart. 

Jax had a REALLY good day two days ago. He was talking like crazy...full and complete sentences all day long, happy as can be, extremely high functioning. It was an amazing day. We soaked it up. Every second of it. I love those days. They may be few and far between at times, but boy are they cherished. 

He also started saying his name when you ask him what his name is. We have been working on this with him since he was two years old, so hearing that has been an incredible feeling. 

I love how kind and compassionate and sweet he is. His angelic personality makes up for the bad days. 

I watched him tonight for a few minutes after he fell asleep and felt so much gratitude. I am so thankful for my son's incredible personality. Despite his deep frustration and confusion at times, due to his Autism, he is an extremely happy, angelic little boy. We are so blessed.

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