Friday, July 27, 2012

I Have So Much To Say

I may not look you in the eyes, but I see you. I see you for who you really are. I will not judge you. Please don't judge me.

I may not speak too well, but I have so much to say. The things I want to say may not come out of my mouth, but they are pouring out of my soul.

I may not seem like I am listening, but I am. I hear every word you say. I hear your kindness, your love, your frustration, your worry. I hear it all. I understand far more than you realize.  I am in here.

I may not achieve all of your dreams for me, but I will fulfill my own dreams. I will amaze you with the things I will be able to accomplish. I will not let you down. Believe in me.

I may not be able to tell you how much I love you, but I love you deeply. I feel safe when you are near me. I know you will protect me. I know you will stand up for me. You will love me unconditionally. I believe in you. Believe in yourself. You are so much stronger than you realize.

Please don't be afraid. If you will love me, I promise I will bring out the best in you. I will teach you things you never thought you would possibly be able to learn in this lifetime. I will reach into the depths of your soul and help you find the real you. I will help you find your true strength.

You and I have a bond that can never be broken. You understand me, don't you? You understand me in a way no one else ever could. You see into my soul. You look past my imperfections, and you see ME.

You will help me to understand that Autism is only a small part of who I am. You will bring out the best in me, and in return, I promise to bring out the best in you.

In your eyes, I am perfection.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

By: Tonia T.