Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Baby Boy Is In Kindergarten!!

Where does the time go??

I'm thinking back to the day he was born... 

It was such an amazing day. My mom and husband were both in the room when he came into this world. When he was born, I looked up to see my mom and husband hugging and crying their eyes out. It really was incredible. We were so excited to welcome this beautiful baby boy into our family. 

This little guy has my heart and it has been that way since day one. He and I have an incredible connection that cannot be described. He was sent to us for many, many reasons and we are so thankful for him. I look at him and hold him and feel such deep love. So deep, that I wonder if anyone else has ever felt that way before. One day, a couple of weeks ago, we were at Walmart and Jax was having a really rough time. He was having major sensory overload and was really upset. I was feeling pretty frustrated and just wanted to go home. We got to the van, Josh put Jax in his seat and he started kicking and screaming uncontrollably. He was crying so hard and you could see the pain in his eyes. I climbed into the back seat and held him in my arms. He immediately started to calm down as I kissed his sweet face, his tears rolling down my cheeks. The feeling I had was overwhelming and incredible. I felt such a powerful feeling of love and understanding for my son. I could feel his love for me. I was thinking what a powerful thing it is to be able to hold my son in my arms and make him feel happy again. I am meant to be his mommy for a reason. He is meant to be my son. We have many rough moments and days but the good times FAR outweigh the not-so-great times. The unconditional love a mother has for her children is just amazing. There is nothing that can break it.

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