Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful."

"Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful."  -- Annette Funicello

I love this.

It is SO true. My life may not be "perfect"... but it is WONDERFUL.

I feel as though I've had a change of attitude over the last several months. I read through previous posts on this blog and realize how far I've come, emotionally. I'm sure it comes in waves and I'm sure I'll go through many rough spots, but I like the way I feel right now. Having a positive attitude makes life so much easier to endure and enjoy.

We had parent/teacher conference for Jax today. I loved hearing about the progress he is making. The word progress is such a wonderful thing to hear when you have a special needs child. A year ago, Jax could not sit in circle time at school for longer than a couple of minutes at a time. He is now sitting in circle time 100% of the time. That is huge for him. Ya know, the old me may have been kind of sad thinking that he should be reading and writing and doing all of the things 5 year old's do...but I'm not. I am thrilled that he is making progress, period

What stood out to me even more than hearing he is progressing was the love Jaxton's teacher has for him. She was telling me how much she adores how affectionate and loving and kind he is. She brought up one particular incident that meant so much to her. It meant a great deal to me, too. The other day, she was having a really rough day. Anything that could go wrong was going wrong. She said she felt like curling up into a ball and just crying. Toward the end of the day, she was reading a book to the class. Jax stood up, walked up to her, put his arms around her, laid his head on her shoulder, and looked her in the eyes and just smiled. She said to me, "He truly warmed my heart. It was like he knew I needed that. He knew I needed a hug at that exact moment." 

I am so proud to be his mom. He has such a special spirit...a way of making others feel better. When I'm having a rough day, he has a way of making it all better like no one else can. He will just come up to me and say, "mom, I love you sooo much" in his sweet little voice and it's like nothing else matters.

Heavenly Father knew I needed this little boy in my life. I will be forever grateful for the experience and honor of raising such a unique, special soul.